According to regulations of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Information Services Society and Electronic Commerce. Approved by Congress on June 27, 2002 and published in the BOE on July 12, 2002. RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, informs you of the following:


In relation to personal data provided by USER in the reservation form, RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, on its website complies with regulations established in Llei 15/1999 Protection of personal data and Oltra legislation the desembolupa and informs the USERS that data will be included in a file for automated processing.

The acceptance of these terms and conditions authorized RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU to this treatment of the data.

Through the contact form, RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU collects personal information needed to engage the different services and to identify USERS in the efforts for the operation or consultation of these services, operation of these, personalized information and advertising. Data required and necessary for the acceptance of users are marked with an asterisk *.

RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, will automatically manage the users data for recruitment and service management, customer service and commercial tracking.

The user will always have full right to exercise their rights to access, amend, cancel and / or opposition requesting these rights through email

Also they can exercise their right to access, cancellation, rectification and those that the Act covers:

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Telèfon: 93 791 04 59


RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU will not give nor sell the data obtained through WWW.MANAU.CAT to third parties, commercial companies or otherwise, for the issues presented in this document.

RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, informs the USER, that acceptance of these general conditions implies the agreement of transfer of data only to entities that collaborate with RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU on economic, legal, administrative, fiscal and delivery of contracted services, such as banks for the process of debits and transfers, domain registrants and other entities, for the necessary connection data among RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU and these entities to have access to this data.This transfer is absolutely necessary for the provision of services such as domain registration process or high fencers among others. Also you will transfer this information to employees, shareholders and suppliers of RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, necessary for the proper provision of services using the information for this purpose. At this point you are informed of the possible international transfer of your data with our foreign suppliers.


RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, ensures total privacy of data collected through

The electronic files of data collection have effective security measures to prevent alteration, loss, misuse or unauthorized access. However this RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, is not responsible for the vulnerability of their security systems, as at present, no institution can guarantee 100% the invulnerability of the system, and in the impossibility of external certification of the security by some authority, RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, can not, also, certify the full security of operating systems with automated files. RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU, in any case, ensures that the files containing the users data are on servers fully reliable and as contrasted with active and passive measures, of the latest generation. Therefore RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU is not responsible for security incidents when they are due to attacks, unauthorized access to systems and other forms of violation of systems. RESTAURANT FONDA MANAU is not responsible for the access to data of the USER by negligence in the care and custody of their passwords or their own personal data.


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